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Investment Approach
We are a multi-cap (mixture of small-, mid-, and large-cap stocks) portfolio management company. We believe that different sectors do well at different times and one of our practices is to identify sectors where opportunities lie and invest in them accordingly. Therefore, we do not follow a rigid set of guidelines governing asset allocation among different sectors nor do we try to establish fixed percentages of return. Instead we pay attention to market signals and proactively invest to grow portfolios most efficiently.

We invest when we believe it will be profitable in the long run, and always conduct an in-depth analysis of any company before taking up a position. We also strive to hold companies for the long term as this is generally a more effective investment approach than short-term stock speculation. However, we do not hesitate to make any required adjustment to our portfolios when the market demands it. Moreover, sometimes we will seek short- and medium-term opportunities if substantial value exists.

We also exploit alternative investments such as commodities and global equities when the return potential is strong. While these alternative investments can have high volatility factors when held alone, in a portfolio context, they can actually help to minimize overall risk and generate significant returns.

We are private money managers and thus are not bound by many of the restrictions that hamper the performance of large mutual fund companies. Most mutual funds are required to hold a large number of stock positions, abide by maximum allowable cash position guidelines, restrict short and option positions, and defer to corporate interest at times. Numerous fund managers stay away from investing in their own funds due to these inefficiencies and many accredited investors have turned to private money managers for their investment needs for the same reasons.