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Yee S. Ong, CFA is the founder and Senior Portfolio Manager of YSO Capital Management Limited. Mr. Ong has more than seventeen years of professional experience in the financial industry through Charles Schwab & Co. Inc., Washington Mutual Financial Services, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, and YSO Capital Management. Moreover, he has earned an investing experience of over twenty-three years as a private investor. He began investing his own capital in 1993 when he first worked at Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. He has successfully invested through the great bull market of the twentieth century, the collapse of the dot-com at the turn of the century, the great commodity bull market, the surge of the Chinese economy, and the subprime crisis.

After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of California at Berkeley, he received the Chartered Financial Analyst accreditation from the CFA Institute. In addition, he was the co-founder of a technology firm, GLO Comp. Inc., and a sports equipment company, Majassin Inc., from 1997 to 2000. Being the principal of companies allows him to understand the critical factors that make a business successful and is a unique attribute that is important but rare among money managers. With his successful business experiences, Mr. Ong invests with the mindset of a business owner and not merely a trader. He was also a member of the CFA Society of San Francisco.